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Testimonials from clients of IBA’s President, Gregory Kovsky

The highest praise we can receive of our representation is a buyer or seller who refers a family member, friend, or fellow business owner to us. This type of post transaction referral is our goal during and following the sale of every IBA represented business. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has referred business to us since 1975. We consider you our most important marketing program.

The following are a selection of testimonials from past clients of IBA’s President, Gregory Kovsky. Testimonials are available for other professionals of IBA upon request. We have elected to limit testimonials in this venue to this individual for space consideration and because we believe the reputation of an organization mirrors its leadership.

American Retail Supply is a retail & distribution company featuring a comprehensive line of products ranging for retail merchants ranging from store fixtures to point-of-sale computer systems & software to point of purchase products like custom printed bags & boxes. The company had offices & distribution centers in Washington, Colorado, and Hawaii at time of sale.


I had another mergers & acquisitions broker do a valuation of my company. His evaluation was not what I had hoped for so I decided not to sell. I mentioned this to a friend who told me I should contact Gregory Kovsky of IBA. I contacted Mr. Kovsky and his valuation came in $1,000,000 higher. That was enough to convince me to go to market. We went to market and within a few months we had multiple full price offers and sold the business for full price. Gregory Kovsky did an incredible job. While I had bought a number of businesses in the past, this was the first business I sold. Gregory did a great job of holding my hand, keeping me calm, and giving me sage advice throughout the sale process. I have unconditionally recommended Gregory to friends and recommend him to anyone interested in selling their business


Keith Lee

Former President & CEO of American Retail Supply

Lancs Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of products for nuclear, radiological control, health physics, and Rad-Waste applications.


“No Deal is better than a Bad Deal” is what Gregory Kovsky, President of IBA, told Barbara & I when negotiations began to go sideways related to the sale of our company after several months of meetings with a potential buyer. At that point, we were emotionally vested in the transaction and considering making concessions to complete a sale that was not in our best interest, however Gregory never lost sight of the market value of our company and our retirement goals. He knew we could do better than the deal on the table and advised us to terminate the negotiations. Semi-reluctantly, we followed his advice not knowing what the future would bring. However, his guidance was true and quicker than we anticipated we were in negotiations with a more qualified buyer and completing a sale at a superior price and terms than we had tentatively agreed to prior.

If you are looking for ethical, intelligent representation for the sale of your company, I would strongly recommend that you start and end your interview process with IBA.”


Graham Hollingsworth

Former President & CEO of Lancs Industries, Inc.


We talked with Gregory Kovsky of IBA a year before going to market and even though he could have signed us then, he recommended waiting a year given our revenue growth to achieve the best possible sale price.

Once the decision was made to sell, we consulted with multiple brokers before we selected IBA. Several brokers actually quoted us higher values for our company but we felt Gregory’s grounded information was realistic and trustworthy.

Once we went “live”, we had a professional package to present and we had three qualified buyer within weeks.

Selling a business that you are personally invested in can be very emotional and you need a steady captain by the rudder to keep you going thru the process. Gregory Kovsky is that captain.

Gregory accused us of being serial entrepreneurs and he was right. We are already starting a new business and know where to go the day we sell this new venture.


Rolf and Randi Åström

Natural Pet Pantry

Natural Pet Pantry is a Paleo Diet Oriented Multiple Location Pet Supply Store Chain Specializing in Raw & Health Oriented Products.

Northwest Treasure Supply, Inc. is an e-commece and mail order company specializing in metal detecting and prospecting equipment.


When we decided to sell our business in February, 1997 we contacted Gregory Kovsky at IBA to be our broker. We were very impressed with his overall knowledge regarding the sale of a business. His professional knowledge and manner were most apparent, but so was his friendly and caring attitude toward both the seller and the buyer.

Gregory took care of all the details, with the transaction finalized on June 2, 1997.

I would highly recommend Gregory as a business broker, and would not hesitate to use him again if the need should arise.


Lee Ayers

Former President & CEO of Northwest Treasure Supply, Inc.

Kitchen & Company is a mall based, regional chain of kitchen supply and accessory stores.


Just a short note to thank you and your company, IBA, for all you did for me and my partner in the sale of Kitchen & Company…. After several years and two other business brokerage firms that attempted to sell my business we crossed paths and within six months you got the job done…Thank you again for a job well done…. You are a man of your word and represent a company that is very thorough and honest…I wish you well and look forward to working with you again in the future…


Harry Caraco

President & CEO of Caraco Distributing Company, Inc. dba Kitchen & Company

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Sign Here, Inc, is a manufacturer of display signage for business and commercial applications.


“After 11 years of business it became time to sell my business. It was clear that impartial representation was required for selling a business that was so much a part of me. After a larger number of interviews I found IBA.

My criteria for representation included, high ethics, top negotiating skills, and the ability to market and sell into the business opportunity market. Clearly, I had high standards. My expectations were exceeded in every respect.

IBA and Gregory Kovsky showed the highest level of professionalism. What became apparent was how they treated all their customers on both sides of the selling equation. Their highly ethical standards, superlative service, ability to achieve consensus amongst disparate interests, and their rapid closure of the deal were just a few of the many qualities I am proud to extol.

Without reservation, I would highly recommend IBA. Clearly, I would use their service again.”


Leon Milberg

Former President & CEO of Sign Here, Inc.


We used IBA and Gregory Kovsky to both buy and sell businesses and have the most successful transactions ever! All the bases were covered and both parties were completely satisfied – none of the “after-market” hassles. We are very confident in IBA’s abilities and ethics.


Mike & Sue Patterson

Former owners of Cox Wrought Iron, Inc. and Current Owners of Williams Iron Works and Steve Pool Service

Cox Wrought Iron & Williams Iron Works are steel & aluminum fabrication companies serving the construction and security industries. Steve Pool Service is a fabrication & repair service company serving the fishing industry.

Hart’s Floral is one of the dominant floral shops in Skagit County and Cedar Bay Gift Baskets is a provider of corporate gifts and Pacific Northwest oriented gift baskets.


Gregory Kovsky from IBA represented the owners of the floral shop we purchased in 1996. We were not referred to IBA, but rather saw an ad in a national floral magazine offering many shops for sale. Because of this we began the transaction by thinking of Mr. Kovsky as the owner’s advocate. However, by the end of the purchase we felt Mr. Kovsky had been a huge help to us, as well as the sellers.

From start to finish, Mr. Kovsky was always present, working hard to see the deal completed fairly. We had many rounds of negotiations and meetings. Our sale required financing and Mr. Kovsky had three lenders meet with us in his office one afternoon. He helped us determine which loan package was the best for us. He physically counted inventory with us. He arranged for an escrow lawyer to handle the closing and he did all of this in an extremely professional and personable manner.

After the sale we received a plaque from IBA stating, ‘It is better to buy a great business at a fair price than a fair business at a great price’

After knowing Gregory Kovsky for several years now, I know this is not just a slogan or catch phrase. I’m positive he wouldn’t handle a business he didn’t feel was great, or assist in a deal he didn’t feel was fair. We will continue to recommend him and hopefully he’ll still be available in many years when we want to sell our business.


Colleen McKnight & Kurt Kazda

Owner of Hart’s Floral & Cedar Bay Gift Baskets in Mount Vernon, Washington

Steve’s News is a Seattle metropolitan area newsstand chain.


I was referred to Gregory Kovsky of IBA by a fellow business owner in Fremont. I had been told by other that no broker would consider dealing with a business sale under $500,000, but Gregory promptly gave me a professional, straightforward analysis of the value of my business.

Even though, the value was substantially less than $500,000, Gregory did a great job of explaining and dealing with all the legal and accounting issues. More importantly, he made sure that the deal would work for both parties. He had a qualified buyer in his client base , so we had an offer on the table within two months.

I am grateful for Greg’s role in getting my business sold and would recommend his service with reservation. Please give my name and telephone number to anyone who wants a referral.


Steve Dunnington

Former owner of Steve’s News

ETA, Inc. is a sales & service company specializing in financial institution ATM’s and related products in the Western states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California.


On behalf of my partners and myself, I wanted to take the time to thank you for a job well done. We are very pleased with the professional representation you provided us throughout the sale process. The fact that the other mergers & acquisitions firms we contacted required a large deposit and what appeared to be an open checkbook before they would assist in selling our company was very disconcerting to us.

Your unique approach of no money down, only selling a small number of businesses a year, and only the ones that you felt you could assist with was exactly what we needed to set our minds at ease. We are very pleased with your efforts.

Your knowledge was quite useful when questions arose and was always very timely. The manner in how you presented options and negotiated on our behalf was professional and I never felt we had made the wrong choice selecting you and IBA.


Patrick L. Scott

CEO of Electronic Transactions Advantage, Inc.

Dickinson Equipment Company, Inc. is a distributor and service/repair vendor of industrial air equipment including air compressors, compressed air dryers, nitrogen generators, process chillers, and vacuum systems.


Selling a business after 30 years should not be an easy transaction. Last February we were referred to Gregory Kovsky at IBA by a friend and business associate who Gregory had represented in the sale of their business. During that first interview it was evident to us that Gregory was the type of professional we were seeking to market our company. We owed it to our company, its employees, customers, and suppliers to hire a qualified individual capable of listening to our concerns and desires for the successful continuation of our business.

As a seller we felt that IBA represented our company in a way that attracted several qualified buyers in a relatively short period of time. While there were some bumps in the road (and we knew there would be), Gregory’s thoughtful consideration of both the buyer and the seller kept the process moving in a positive and forward manner. His integrity and trustworthiness, along with his knowledge of the process did in fact make this a fairly easy transaction resulting in not only a happy seller, but also a satisfied buyer. We would not hesitate to recommend or hire the services of IBA and Gregory Kovsky in the future.


Bruce & Kim Odegaard

Former Shareholders of Dickinson Equipment Company


Gregory Kovsky was referred to me by a business appraiser because he had past experience in my industry. Along with this, his great referrals, all around business knowledge, confidence and calm demeanor made me feel comfortable enough to choose him to broker my business. During the sales process, things can get a little stressful and Gregory always seemed to be available to answer my many questions to help put my mind at ease. When Gregory gave me advice, he always backed it up with reasons why he was advising me that way and I really appreciated that.


Roger Thompson

Former owner of G&S Heating, Cooling, & Electric, Inc

The following quotes are offered in an effort to show that honest, ethical business practices are a universal principle:

“This is the sum of duty: do naught to others what if done to thee would cause thee pain”
The Mahabharata
“What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow men. This is the entire Law; all the rest is commentary”
The Talmud
“No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself”
“Whatever you wish that men would do to you, do so to them”
Matthew 7.12
“Tsekung asked, Is there one word that can serve as a principle of the conduct for life? Confucius replied, It is the word shu – reciprocity: Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you”
Analects 15.23
“One going to take a pointed stick to pinch a baby bird should first try it on himself to feel how it hurts”
Yoruba Proverb