IBA, as the oldest business brokerage firm, in the Pacific Northwest has successfully facilitated over 4300 transactions in the states of Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Idaho since 1975. We have had the privilege of representing a spectrum of entrepreneurs who have successfully created business models to serve a broad array of unserved & under served marketplaces of businesses and consumers. The creativity & innovation of these entrepreneurs has been amazing to witness. Thank you for bringing us into your confidence. Exposure to new ideas & business concepts is one of the thrills of serving the mergers & acquisitions community. Many of the business models we have been exposed to were born in garages, home offices, bars, or offices of other companies. Some sprouted wings and flew to heights in performance beyond the expectations of their founders. Other “excellent” business models either failed to achieve critical velocity or saw the marketplace evolve in a manner that impacted their economic potential. IBA salutes the unique entrepreneurial spirit found in the Pacific Northwest whether it is creating a software application that allows us to be more efficient, building a “better” mousetrap, providing a solution to a need, or supplying a good or service that has never been provided previously.

IBA has a track record of successfully representing first generation entrepreneurs. We have represented 1st generation winery owners, including the entrepreneur who first brought box wines to Costco, tech entrepreneurs who first brought internet service to La Conner & Sedro Wooley, and visionary manufacturers & service providers who changed the landscape of consumer demand.

If you own a business that serves an emerging or non traditional marketplace, we would welcome the opportunity to help you value the business and facilitate a sale that will result in an economic reward for the time, energy, and resources you invested.

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