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IBA is not the only venue to look for businesses for sale in the Pacific Northwest. However, based on the quality privately held companies & family owned businesses we represent for sale, the comprehensive information we provide buyers to assist in evaluating acquisition opportunities, and our superior customer service; we are one of the most buyer friendly environments to evaluate acquisition & merger opportunities in the states of Washington, Oregon, & Alaska.

IBA is primarily a seller representation company. This predisposition is beneficial for business buyers because the fees associated with IBA’s representation of privately held companies and family owned businesses are typically paid for by the sellers of the businesses. The byproduct of this relationship is a financially “risk free” environment for business buyers to evaluate companies represented by IBA for potential acquisition.

The opportunity to review companies represented by IBA on an ongoing basis requires the completion of several administrative steps by potential business buyers. These steps can be completed in person, by email, by mail, or fax. The first step in the process is the completion of a general confidential disclosure agreement. This agreement is the buyer’s assurance to IBA and the owners of the companies we represent that they will not make public the fact a business is for sale without written permission from IBA and the business owner. This agreement requires a signature, mailing address, and telephone number. No specific information will be released by IBA regarding the businesses we represent without a potential buyer competing a non disclosure agreement.

The second document a potential buyer will need to complete to receive information on businesses represented for sale by IBA is an acquisition criteria profile. This document defines for IBA the parameters of the buyer’s search regarding industries of interest, areas of geographic preference, and available capital. This search criteria will serve as our screening mechanism for releasing information in the future. It is our recommendation that it be completed to include industries and geographic areas that are possibilities, but not probabilities to generate the maximum number of businesses to review. The completion of a personal financial statement or provision of third party verification of financial capability will also be required to verify the size of businesses the potential buyer has the ability to enter into acquisition negotiations in “good faith.”

Completion of these documents registers a potential business buyer in our buyer database. This registration will result in the participant receiving information from IBA on our exclusive listings that match their acquisition criteria as they enter the market prior to their public advertisement. This preferred buyer status is not a requirement to receive information on companies represented by IBA, since anyone can contact our office and complete a confidentiality agreement and the financial prequalification process to receive information on a specific business. However, participation in this program has, historically, proved very beneficial to buyers seeking businesses in high demand industries or geographic locations where the life span of a business on the market can be a matter of weeks.

Periodically an entrepreneur will contact IBA that is interested in owning or starting a business in a specific geographic location. Finding a business to purchase in a specific geographic location can be problematic, especially when industry and profit potential are taken into consideration. To address the market demand for geographic specific acquisition opportunities for entrepreneurs and enhance IBA’s menu of business opportunity offerings, IBA added new franchise sales to its services in 2018.

If you would like to receive additional information on our buyer database program, buying a business through IBA, or purchasing a new franchise please contact our office. One of our professional brokers will be happy to talk with you or schedule a time to meet in person.

IBA facilitates buyer database registration and franchise acquisition prequalification by email, mail, and fax; however, we strongly recommend that you complete the process in person with an IBA professional, so we can better understand your acquisition criteria and provide you with a specific contact person for future communication.

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“It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price”Warren Buffet