The relationship between Socrates & Plato is one of the most famous examples in history of a teacher educating a student. The teachings of Socrates are still academically referenced today. Society needs a broad spectrum of teachers and many education niches are best served by privately held companies. IBA successfully facilitates the sale of profitable schools in the Pacific Northwest on a regular basis to entrepreneurs who recognize that these service niche businesses, if managed prudently, provide an opportunity to make a positive contribution to society, receive an excellent return on investment, and grow a business model to a size only limited by the entrepreneur’s desire, capital, and management ability.

The education businesses represented for sale by IBA fall into five basic groups:

The first group of businesses educates children.

Transactions facilitated by IBA from this group have included basic education schools (preschools and kindergartens) and supplemental education programs (language schools to physical fitness & motor coordination programs). Business models in this group can be independent schools or franchises.

The second group of businesses provides vocational education.

Companies represented by IBA from this group have ranged from bartending schools to medical training programs and from certified inspection programs to schools that provided technology or software use education.

The third group provides continuing education for established professionals and entrepreneurs.

Companies represented by IBA from this group have ranged from schools providing continuing education to teachers to floral design schools teaching the latest styles and “best practices”.

The fourth group involves schools that educate for personal enrichment or improvement.

Examples from this niche include driving schools and schools that teach subjects ranging from Tarot to painting and from cooking to photography.

The fifth group is a hybrid of the second, third & fourth groups where classes are offered for both vocational & continuing education and personal enrichment.

A prime example of this type of school is a floral design school where career track individuals often learn their trade side by side with individuals wishing to bring a little more “Martha Stewart” into their homes. All five of the groups can employ business models that provide live education, virtual classrooms, or provide educational material that can be downloaded or reviewed in print.

The following are some specific examples of education businesses sold by IBA:

Americhild Academy

Private School serving Preschool to Elementary School Students

Rehab Seminars

Professional Development Seminars for Teachers, Administrators, Specialists, and Para-Educators

The Goddard School Franchises

Award Winning High Quality Preschool, Kindergarten, and Child Development Program


Foreign Language School teaching Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi, French, German, and Spanish

Zoom Language Center

Spanish Immersion School with Multiple Campuses

The Little Gym

Motor Coordination & Physical Development Program for Youth

Great Play

Early Education Athletic & Motor Coordination Development Program employing Technology

Neo Art School

Seattle’s Oldest Locally Owned Art School for Children

The Bartending Academy

Multiple State Chain of Vocational Training Centers


Leading Provider of Mold Inspection and Remediation Training and Certification in the U.S. and Canada

Sketch for Schools

Education Grade Sketch Book Manufacturer

Montessori Schools of Snohomish County

Fully Accredited Montessori School Serving Children Aged Six Weeks to Eighteen Years Operating Out of a 40,000 Square Foot Campus with Five Buildings

IBA is a trusted intermediary for entrepreneurs who own education & training businesses. We have successfully facilitated sales & mergers of education businesses in a spectrum of communities in the Pacific Northwest.

One of the advantages IBA offers its education sector clients is the ability to simultaneously represent a business sale and the real estate in a transaction as professional mergers & acquisitions intermediaries and licensed commercial real estate brokers. IBA is uniquely qualified for education industry projects possessing the skill to properly value and professionally represent both a school and the campus property comprehensively.   Not all mergers & acquisitions professionals have real estate licenses or experience representing both types of assets.

It also should be noted that the successful sale of an education company for its highest market value requires an experienced broker with the knowledge & skill to sell intangible assets (e.g. goodwill or blue sky), as traditionally a majority of a school’s value is found in its brand & market identity and not in its physical assets.

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