The Alaskan economy has been described by University of Alaska – Anchorage economist, Scott Goldsmith, as a “three-legged stool” with one leg being the gas and petroleum industry, the second leg being government, and the third leg being all other industries and services. IBA’s representation of privately held companies & family owned businesses in the state of Alaska has been primarily in the industry sectors of manufacturing, distribution, fishing, and marine service companies. We have also facilitated transactions for Washington based companies that have satellite locations in Alaska and/or who service clients in the 49th state.

An unique component of the Alaska economy are the state’s Alaska Native Corporations. These corporations were established in 1971 when the United States Congress passed the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. IBA has had the privilege of working with several of the more entrepreneurial of these ANCSA Corporations on transactions when diversification of revenue streams & employment opportunities for tribe members were sought. Today there are approximately 200 Alaska Native Village Corporations in Alaska. If an Alaska Native Corporation is seeking acquisition opportunities involving privately held companies or family owned businesses, IBA would welcome the opportunity to support them as a mergers & acquisition firm with experience working with ANCSA’s.

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