It is becoming increasingly common in the business community for businesses of all sizes to outsource human resource responsibilities and hire contract & temporary employees to address specialized & short term staffing requirements. It is also anticipated that demand for temporary & seasonal workers will increase in future years in the Pacific Northwest, as mandatory minimum wages rise due to the increased need for business owners to manage labor resources efficiently due to the increased cost and resulting impact on profitability.

The excessive demand for labor is not a new phenomenon for the Pacific Northwest. It has occurred consistently in the technology sector since the 1990’s resulting in a large number of recruiting & staffing firms serving that niche. The environment has also occurred in the Alaskan fishing & natural resource industries on a consistent basis for numerous decades resulting in a large number of people who can share stories of summers spent on fishing vessels working long days for great pay or who built their initial nest egg working on the North Slope in the petroleum industry.

IBA is a trusted intermediary for entrepreneurs who own human resources, recruiting, or staffing businesses. We have successfully facilitated sales & mergers of general staffing companies (independent & franchised), medical staffing firms (independent & franchised), technical staffing companies, and agricultural staffing businesses. We have also worked with recruiting firms, outsource human resource companies, and companies that support contract labor with services & products.

It also should be noted that the successful sale of a service company for its highest market value requires an experienced broker with the knowledge & skill to sell intangible assets (e.g. goodwill or blue sky), as traditionally a majority of a service company’s value is found in its brand & market identity and not in its physical assets.

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