What We Do

International Business Associates (IBA) is a full service business brokerage firm specializing in the negotiation and facilitation of merger and sale transactions involving privately held companies and family owned businesses in the Pacific Northwest. Established in 1975, IBA has built a regionally unparalleled track record for performance by completing over 4300 transactions involving companies in almost every industry in the business community.

Full Service Brokerage Firm

IBA’s relationship with each and every client starts with confidentiality.

The knowledge that you are thinking about selling or buying a business, are in negotiations related to the sale or purchase of a company, or have completed a transaction will not be released to anyone extraneous to the deal by IBA without your permission. This is our solemn pledge to you and it has been the foundation of our representation for approximately 50 years.

The second characteristic of our representation is market knowledge.

The transfer of this knowledge to a business owner starts with the complimentary “fair market value” business evaluation that is available to all potential clients considering the use of IBA for representation and often continues even after the transaction is completed. IBA has completed transactions in almost every community in the Pacific Northwest and many others throughout the United States. We have merged businesses into publicly traded companies and sold neighborhood restaurants. All of this occurred in our storied history, however the benefit of this activity doesn’t occur in the past, but in the future in the form of the information and knowledge that we can pass onto our present clients.

The third characteristic of our representation is transactional experience.

The sale of a business is a multiple tiered, sophisticated negotiation commonly addressing the transactional issues of price and terms, non competition agreements, transition period training/consultation, and tax allocation simultaneously with potential side issues specific to ownership’s exit strategy goals or the business. Each of these issues is an individual negotiation and a piece of a whole that can be deal maker or deal breaker. The good news is it may be the first time you are selling a business, however it is not ours. Each IBA professional has been in this environment before and will be available to advise and guide you through negotiations and the transfer of ownership. Together as a team we will jointly establish sales and marketing strategies, discuss market standards in terms of what is reasonable and fair, prioritize goals for negotiation, and outline the administrative steps necessary to smoothly transfer ownership. The road ahead may appear filled with obstacles when you decide to sell your business, however with IBA representation we guarantee that it will be well lighted.

The final characteristic of our representation is professional negotiations.

When you hire an IBA professional you are hiring an ethical, experienced negotiator who has the knowledge base, problem solving ability, and communication skills required to complete a complicated business sale transaction on terms that achieve your goals. If agreement can be reached between a willing buyer and seller, we will reach it. Our 100% commission based compensation model banks on that performance and our past customers attest to it.

IBA is a full service business brokerage & commercial real estate company that offers its clients complete and comprehensive representation in the sale of privately held companies and family owned businesses.

Please contact our office if you would like additional information on the confidential, professional representation we provide our clients or to schedule a complimentary first meeting.

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    It was a pleasure working with IBA during all steps of selling our business, which we owned for over 25 years. We highly recommend Gregory and Jeffrey as trusted advisors. Their response time was always fast, they were always available for questions and also helped by recommending an excellent attorney.

    IBA was extremely helpful in valuing our company and effectively listing it. They brought forth several pre-qualified potential buyers in a relatively short period. Gregory and Jeffrey both spent considerable time consulting and advising on many questions and situations before and throughout the process. We were very satisfied with their level of service, response time and professionalism – a great experience throughout. IBA is worth every penny. We would not hesitate to work with them again, and highly recommend IBA.


    Eric and Marilyn Torrison

    Former owners of Business Telecom Products, Inc.


    “After 11 years of business it became time to sell my business. It was clear that impartial representation was required for selling a business that was so much a part of me. After a larger number of interviews I found IBA.

    My criteria for representation included, high ethics, top negotiating skills, and the ability to market and sell into the business opportunity market. Clearly, I had high standards. My expectations were exceeded in every respect.

    IBA and Gregory Kovsky showed the highest level of professionalism. What became apparent was how they treated all their customers on both sides of the selling equation. Their highly ethical standards, superlative service, ability to achieve consensus amongst disparate interests, and their rapid closure of the deal were just a few of the many qualities I am proud to extol.

    Without reservation, I would highly recommend IBA. Clearly, I would use their service again.”


    Leon Milberg

    Former President & CEO of Sign Here, Inc.