IBA Broker of the Year Award Winners

IBA, since it first opened its doors in 1975, has been blessed with having some of the most experienced, knowledgeable, highly skilled, and successful business sale intermediaries in the Pacific Northwest region, if not the United States. Iconic names in the industry who have facilitated deals at IBA in the past have included G. William Ososke, Dr. Rod Bare, Susan Howard, David Marlin, Jill Nelson, Wendell George, Jim Wikander, and Michael Kovsky. The IBA team’s long resume of achievement today totals more than 4300 successfully completed transactions. Annually, IBA awards a Broker of the Year Award to one of our double-digit team of business brokers based on their performance in the prior year. The award is coveted in the organization and anticipation is high once the finalist are announced at our annual holiday party.

Winners are selected based on three metrics:


Transactional Performance


Project Generation


Contribution To Enhancing IBA’s Corporate Culture & Their Colleagues