The mergers & acquisitions marketplace for technology companies & Internet based business models changes on an almost annual basis. IBA has been in the middle of this activity as a trusted intermediary since the infancy of the software, hardware, Internet, and E-Commerce industries. We have helped cutting edge entrepreneurs experience significant returns on their time & capital investments and unfortunately, have observed business owners who have failed to capitalize on market share and/or leading edge technologies who failed to sell when the mergers & acquisitions marketplace was most robust for their companies.

Our past transactions & clients in this niche have included medical software companies, database & inventory management software firms, educational software companies, graphic design & creative software development companies, software consulting & optimization firms, E-Commerce businesses, online educational programs, brand & white box hardware sales & distribution companies serving the private & public sectors and the healthcare industry, hardware service & repair businesses, hardware rental companies, internet service providers, internet directory services, digital photo services, circuit board manufactures, and component manufacturers for OEM’s.

The buyers for companies in these market segments generally come from one of three demographics groups. The first group is established domestic companies serving horizontal or vertical markets that wish to grow by acquisition or acquire complementary technology or services. The second group is international companies wishing to manufacture products, develop or enhance software or products, or service products from overseas or establish a footprint in the United States. The final group is talented, experienced individuals transitioning from companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, Google, and Intel to take the helm of a business in pursuit of financial, executive leadership, or creative opportunities. We encourage companies & individuals who fall into one of these three groups to participate in our buyer database, as opportunities in these market segments traditionally enter & exit the mergers & acquisitions market in a short time period.


    It was a pleasure working with IBA during all steps of selling our business, which we owned for over 25 years. We highly recommend Gregory and Jeffrey as trusted advisors. Their response time was always fast, they were always available for questions and also helped by recommending an excellent attorney.

    IBA was extremely helpful in valuing our company and effectively listing it. They brought forth several pre-qualified potential buyers in a relatively short period. Gregory and Jeffrey both spent considerable time consulting and advising on many questions and situations before and throughout the process. We were very satisfied with their level of service, response time and professionalism – a great experience throughout. IBA is worth every penny. We would not hesitate to work with them again, and highly recommend IBA.


    Eric and Marilyn Torrison

    Former owners of Business Telecom Products, Inc.


    Working with Hernan has been an absolute pleasure. The amount of time, energy, thoughtfulness, soulfulness, intelligence, experience, and tenaciousness that Hernan put in helping us sell our business was truly impressive. He has a wonderful sense of humor and an impeccable sense of right and wrong. If you get the pleasure of partnering with Hernan to either buy or sell a business you will be well served. Thank you Hernan!


    Andrew George Cerrato

    Former owner of &

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