You’ve worked hard… congratulations on your success as an entrepreneur with a franchised business model. Now the culmination of years of effort is ready to pay off. The process of selling your business for a premium market value requires knowledge, experience, and a high professional skill set. It is not just another transaction like selling a house. Proper documentation, marketing, and execution all need to flow with precision to achieve the highest possible selling price.

IBA has been the premier business brokerage firm in the Pacific Northwest for the sale of privately held companies, family businesses, and reselling franchises since 1975. We have highly skilled business brokers who were former franchisees and franchisors earlier in their career who thoroughly understand the franchise transfer process.

The sale of a business is most effectively and efficiently managed by a professional business broker who is experienced in all aspects of the transaction. Buying or selling a business demands a level of expertise that only a business broker possesses. A franchise consultant/broker does not have the relevant knowledge, experience, and professional skill set and in many cases lacks the required licenses. IBA can prepare a professional business evaluation of your business at no charge to determine its fair market value and ensure that it is priced appropriately. We work on a 100% performance compensated basis with no upfront fees or retainer requirements. This is unique in the business brokerage industry.

We create a professional presentation to make the best possible first impression on potential buyers and develop a comprehensive plan to create a robust marketplace to sell the business. We believe that this time tested IBA service helps us sell your business faster and for more money. We also take the time, early in the process to understand the qualifications that your franchisor will require of a new franchisee in order to find a Buyer that will meet their approval. Franchisor approval is a critical component of a successful franchise resale.

We will assist the Buyer in obtaining the capital necessary to complete the transaction, including accessing conventional financing or SBA (Small Business Administration backed) loans. We recognize that seller financing is not a preference and work to get our clients to as close to 100% cash at closing, as possible.

We will serve as your trusted guide throughout the entire transfer process.

If your franchise is located outside of the Pacific Northwest or is not an appropriate fit for IBA, we can refer you to another business broker that has been vetted by IBA.

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