Jeffrey Bryan Named IBA’s 2022 Broker of the Year

Dec 19, 2022

I am pleased to announce that the recipient of IBA’s Broker of the Year Award for 2022 was Jeffrey Bryan. Mr. Bryan joined IBA’s mergers & acquisitions intermediary team in 2007. He contributes an unique combination of knowledge, experience, and ability to his representation engagements and our firm. Prior to joining IBA, Jeffrey Bryan was a high level soccer player, including lettering as a goalie at Oregon State University and playing on a traveling team that went to Europe, and worked in sales leadership positions in the construction and automotive industries. Mr. Bryan serves as the director and senior intermediary for two representation focus divisions, Construction & Transportation, at IBA. He has successfully facilitated transactions in the construction industry ranging from companies that specialized in public sector projects to residential remodels & renovations to marine environment installations. Extremely happy starting his morning with a cup of coffee on his boat or working on his collection of classic cars, Jeffrey’s engagement in the transportation sector is as much a love of connecting with people he can relate to as a professional engagement. In 2022, he worked on and successfully completed projects involving automotive, boat, and airplane retail, service, and manufacturing companies. Part of a family with a long Pacific Northwest heritage, he also serves as a valued professional resource in Clark County where his family has operated farms for multiple generations. Please join me in congratulating and recognizing Jeffrey. I consider myself blessed to have him as part of my team and a friend.

In closing, the IBA team is looking for new companies to sell in 2023. The business brokerage marketplace remains robust (We have closed eight transactions since November 1 and have numerous deals in escrow pending sale between now and the end of January) and would welcome the opportunity to provide an overview of our client services if a retirement sale is desired next year. 100% of IBA’s compensation is paid on performance at the completion of a project. All conversations with IBA are held in strict confidence.