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Entrepreneurs contact IBA regularly looking to acquire a business in a specific geographic location or industry. Unfortunately, IBA does not have the ability to order inventory as a business brokerage firm and many inquiries by quality buyers go unfulfilled. To address the market demand for geographic and industry specific acquisition opportunities for entrepreneurs and enhance IBA’s menu of business opportunity offerings, IBA added new franchise sales to its services in 2018. IBA’s new franchise sale department is headed by Curt Maier.

Curt Maier, a Certified Franchise Broker, has successfully facilitated new franchise acquisitions by entrepreneurs for many years across a broad spectrum of industries. He has the ability through affiliation with The Franchise Brokers Association (www.franchiseba.com) to represent for sale a high quality selection of the most successful and desired franchised business opportunities in the United States. Mr. Maier directly and through industry colleagues can sell franchises in any city or town in the United States and many international markets.

Curt Maier is also an experienced business broker on IBA’s franchise resale team. IBA is generally recognized as the premier business brokerage firm in the Pacific Northwest for the resale of established franchised businesses. We are commonly approached by franchise business owners looking to sell their companies based on our knowledge & experience with business valuation, negotiations, and facilitating franchise agreement assignments. This knowledge & experience is also recognized by many franchisors who regularly recommend IBA to their franchisees in the Pacific Northwest for business brokerage services and/or seek our recommendation of business brokers in other parts of the United States to assist with the sale of established franchises.

Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding buying a franchise, selling a franchise, or if you would like to schedule a time to meet with an IBA professional.

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