The Pacific Northwest region has a diversified marine based economy that runs from the fishing industry hubs of Anchorage & Dutch Harbor in Alaska through the international commerce port cities of Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland to the southern Oregon deep water port of Coos Bay.   The economy generates revenue & creates jobs from the industries of shipping, transportation, commerce, fishing, and the sale of products & services  Each of the industries has a spectrum of businesses supporting it in every shape & form found in the general economy and as a result a robust mergers & acquisitions marketplace exists for its companies.   IBA, as the oldest mergers & acquisitions firm in the Pacific Northwest, has a long history of representing owners of privately held companies & family owned businesses in the marine economy.    The transactions we have completed in the commercial segment of this market have included companies that manufactured stainless steel infrastructure for the fishing industry, electrical engineering firms that have built control panels to integrate vessel systems with situation specific equipment, contracting companies that repaired & serviced equipment & vessels, construction companies, and a spectrum of retail & wholesale businesses.

The marine influence in the Pacific Northwest also  permeates the lives of its residents. It can be found influencing the people who commute daily by ferry, in the lifestyle of houseboat dwellers on Lake Union or the Columbia River Slough, through participation in SeaFair, wakeboarding on Lake Sammamish or the Willamette River, cruising in the San Juans, or simply walking in one of our waterfront communities.   This marine lifestyle creates an economy of businesses serving the needs of the people who interact with it regularly as residents, enthusiasts, and tourists.   IBA for approximately forty-five years has served this business community successfully facilitating the transfer of ownership of a spectrum of businesses ranging from waterfront hotels & restaurants to boat repair & service businesses.

Past transactions negotiated by IBA in this niche include the following:

Elmore Electric
Electrical Engineering Firm Specializing in the Shipping & Fishing Industries

Steve Pool Service
Stainless Steel Manufacturing for the Fishing Industry

Galmukoff Marine
Boat Service & Repair

Seawind Canvas & Sail
Canvas Shop

Horizon & Vision Yachts
Yacht Brokerage

Marine Sanitation
Niche Product Sales & Distribution

King Salmon Marine
Boat Sales and Certified Service & Repair

Electrical Contractor

Kappert’s Waterfront Construction
Marine Environment Construction

Fisherman’s Grocery Store
Retail Store Serving Commercial Fishermen & Tourists

Westwind Marine
Boat Service & Repair and Marine Supply Business

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