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International Business Associates, commonly known as IBA, is a full service business brokerage firm. We sell privately held companies and family owned businesses. We provide business buyers with quality companies at fair market values to evaluate for potential acquisition. IBA has completed over 4300 business sale transactions since 1975 in industries ranging from the traditional economy components of manufacturing, distribution, service, & retail to the 21st century economy components of E-commerce, software, and technology infrastructure. Our clients receive confidential representation by professionals with the knowledge, experience, and negotiation & deal facilitation skills required to successfully complete transactions of family owned businesses and privately held companies with market values between $350,000 and $25,000,000. IBA professionals are also licensed, real estate brokers with the knowledge & experience to successfully facilitate the sale of commercial real estate.

We complete “win-win” transactions and achieve results for our clients!

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Performance Matters

IBA is unique in the business brokerage community in that it operates with a 100% paid on performance business model. Our sell side clients do not pay $1 to IBA until the deal is successfully completed. The business model results in IBA being selective related to its projects, but guarantees alignment of the goals of achieving a timely sale at the best possible market value with our clients. IBA successfully completes 80 – 90% of its engagements annually with high customer satisfaction.

Industries Served

One of the primary engines powering the Pacific Northwest economy are the privately held companies and family owned businesses that operate within the borders of Washington, Oregon, & Alaska. IBA has successfully facilitated over 4300 transactions for entrepreneurs wishing to transition out of business ownership for retirement or to change career direction since 1975. Our past transactions have included manufacturing plants utilizing steel, aluminum, plastic, wood, textiles, or food products, wholesale & distribution companies, retail & franchised businesses serving urban areas & rural communities, E-commerce businesses, software companies, schools & educational programs, electrical, plumbing, & HVAC contractors, auto repair & towing businesses, marine & aerospace oriented repair, service, retail, and manufacturing companies, celebrity owned restaurants, wineries, veterinary hospitals specializing in small & large animals, and service businesses ranging from accounting & law practices to environmental consulting.


    We used IBA and Gregory Kovsky to both buy and sell businesses and have the most successful transactions ever! All the bases were covered and both parties were completely satisfied – none of the “after-market” hassles. We are very confident in IBA’s abilities and ethics.


    Mike & Sue Patterson

    Former owners of Cox Wrought Iron, Inc. and Current Owners of Williams Iron Works and Steve Pool Service