Pacific Northwest Mergers & Acquisitions

IBA is a full service mergers & acquisitions company that offers its clients complete and comprehensive representation in the sale of privately held companies and family owned businesses. Our service package starts with an introductory consultation and complimentary “fair market value” business evaluation. The introductory consultation provides the business owner with an overview of the sale process. The “fair market value” business evaluation provides the business owner with the range of prices that different types of buyers would likely pay for the company. Upon completion of this preliminary process, the business owner and IBA will both make decisions regarding whether a business relationship should be established for the sale of the company. If no relationship is established the business owner is under no obligation to IBA. If a business relationship is established a representation agreement will be executed between the parties and marketing activity by IBA commenced.

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Performance Matters

IBA is unique in the business brokerage community in that it operates with a 100% paid on performance business model. Our sell side clients do not pay $1 to IBA until the deal is successfully completed. The business model results in IBA being selective related to its projects, but guarantees alignment of the goals of achieving a timely sale at the best possible market value with our clients. IBA successfully completes 80 – 90% of its engagements annually with high customer satisfaction.

Marketing & Negotiations in a Confidential Environment

IBA offers its clients a marketing program for their businesses that is specifically developed for the type of company being represented and its unique confidentiality issues. This program includes the following: development of a professional presentation packet for the business, strategic marketing to individuals & companies in our exclusive buyer database and potential acquisition candidates, Internet, print, and trade publication advertising, network marketing in the mergers & acquisitions, business brokerage, investment banking, private equity, commercial real estate, legal, accounting, and banking communities, and when the situation merits advertisement in the commercial real estate multiple listing service. The results of this proactive marketing program are documented in the high number of potential buyers who review the companies we represent and the relative short time the companies we represent stay on the market versus similar entities represented by our competition.

We believe that the environment created for negotiations between the buyer and seller is critical to the successful transfer of ownership of a business. That environment should provide for an atmosphere of confidentiality and full disclosure. IBA, as the facilitator of negotiations, will control that environment and make sure that what is important gets discussed prior to the start of negotiations. Our negotiations are conducted from positions of knowledge by both the buyer and seller.


    When David and I decided to sell our business, we were uncertain about how we would be able to find potential buyers. Our business was in great financial shape but was in a somewhat complex and specialized market. After a lot of research, we chose Gregory Kovsky of IBA because of his professional appraisal, demeanor, experience and calm and courteous personality.

    We really did not realize the full importance of our choice of broker until he got to work on the sale. Within a week or two he had found several potential buyers who made serious offers. He helped us decide which offer to pursue and over the next several months guided us through the enormous “Due Diligence” process, sale agreement negotiations and escrow to a successful conclusion. The bottom line is that when we started the process, we had no idea how complex the sale would be or how crucial all your human and professional strengths would become to our success.


    David Shinder & Rose Dembo

    D.B.A. Euroimport Company