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Are you a distribution or wholesale company entrepreneur interested in selling your business?

IBA, the Pacific Northwest’s premier business brokerage firm, has successfully represented business owners in the sale of distribution & wholesale companies since 1975 with knowledge, experience, and professionalism.

IBA has sold distribution and wholesale businesses in the Seattle, Portland, and Anchorage metropolitan areas and rural locations throughout the Pacific Northwest.

IBA, a full service business brokerage firm with the ability to sell associated real estate, has a superior reputation built over multiple decades for selling distribution and wholesale companies in an environment of confidentiality at premium market values while employing “best practices” throughout the sale process. Past transactions negotiated & successfully completed by IBA in the distribution and wholesale niche include companies selling consumer & industrial merchandise, food & apparel, and medical & technology products.

100% of IBA’s fees are paid on performance at the completion of a transaction.

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Experience Matters

The examples provided of past transactions successfully facilitated by IBA involving distribution & wholesale companies illustrate the broad spectrum of businesses our professional business brokers have the ability to sell for our clients. We welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge, experience, and negotiation & deal facilitation abilities with entrepreneurs. The goals for our representation services and compensation are 100% aligned with our clients. We only seek payment from satisfied clients upon completion of a transaction.

Distribution & Wholesale Businesses Sold by IBA

Sound Building Supply

Manufacturing & distribution company specializing in quality roofing & siding products. The business was sold by the founders to a private equity firm.

Floral & Hardy

Wholesaler of floral products and supplier. The company was merged into a South American company with rose plantations in Ecuador.

Rubber & Plastic, Inc.

Independent distributor and fabricator of conveyor belting with a specialty in rubber cleat vulcanization and hot vulcanized sidewall. The company was merged into Beltservice Corporation (“Beltservice”), a St. Louis -based market leader in value-added fabrication and distribution of conveyor belt and related products.

A-Z Balloon

Supply Distributor of Mylar & latex balloons for groceries, party stores, and florist shops. The company was sold by the founder to an entrepreneur with relevant experience.

Marine Sanitation

The exclusive master distributor for Dometic SeaLand manufacturing for Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, & Wyoming. The business was merged into a larger marine industry distribution company.

CPC Equipment

Construction industry supplier specializing in product lines in construction Division 10 (Specialties) and construction Division 12 (Furnishings). Specific products represented included school & athletic lockers, tenant storage systems, employee storage systems, mailboxes, bike racks, and other ancillary products. The company was sold by the 2nd owner to an entrepreneur with relevant experience.

Mobile Equipment Systems

A company specializing in the sale & design of hydraulic equipment systems for vehicles, mobile industrial equipment, and trailers. The business was sold by the founder to a local entrepreneur ready for a new project.

Business Telecom Products

Distributor of Unified Communications (UC) Devices including Plantronics & Jabra. The company was sold by the founder to an entrepreneur with relevant experience.

Pedag USA

Exclusive, United States, wholesale distributor of Schelchen GmbH and the Pedag ® brand of high-quality shoe accessory products including insoles, foot supports, shoe care products, and shoe trees. The company was sold by the founders to two partners from the technology industry.

Industrial Controls Supply

Wholesale Distributor of Electrical Control & Automation Products including Siemens, Eaton, 3M, & Panduit. The company was sold by a the second generation of family ownership to an entrepreneur with relevant experience.

Remedy Tea

Wholesale provider of organic tea to groceries, retail stores, and restaurants. The company was sold by the founders to facilitate relocation out of state.

Pac West

Westmark distributor of commercial casework and Kewaunee distributor of science equipment. The company was sold by the founder to an entrepreneur with relevant experience.

Client Feedback


    Selling a business after 30 years should not be an easy transaction. Last February we were referred to Gregory Kovsky at IBA by a friend and business associate who Gregory had represented in the sale of their business. During that first interview it was evident to us that Gregory was the type of professional we were seeking to market our company. We owed it to our company, its employees, customers, and suppliers to hire a qualified individual capable of listening to our concerns and desires for the successful continuation of our business.

    As a seller we felt that IBA represented our company in a way that attracted several qualified buyers in a relatively short period of time. While there were some bumps in the road (and we knew there would be), Gregory’s thoughtful consideration of both the buyer and the seller kept the process moving in a positive and forward manner. His integrity and trustworthiness, along with his knowledge of the process did in fact make this a fairly easy transaction resulting in not only a happy seller, but also a satisfied buyer. We would not hesitate to recommend or hire the services of IBA and Gregory Kovsky in the future.


    Bruce & Kim Odegaard

    Former Shareholders of Dickinson Equipment Company


    I had another mergers & acquisitions broker do a valuation of my company. His evaluation was not what I had hoped for so I decided not to sell. I mentioned this to a friend who told me I should contact Gregory Kovsky of IBA. I contacted Mr. Kovsky and his valuation came in $1,000,000 higher. That was enough to convince me to go to market. We went to market and within a few months we had multiple full price offers and sold the business for full price. Gregory Kovsky did an incredible job. While I had bought a number of businesses in the past, this was the first business I sold. Gregory did a great job of holding my hand, keeping me calm, and giving me sage advice throughout the sale process. I have unconditionally recommended Gregory to friends and recommend him to anyone interested in selling their business


    Keith Lee

    Former President & CEO of American Retail Supply


    When David and I decided to sell our business, we were uncertain about how we would be able to find potential buyers. Our business was in great financial shape but was in a somewhat complex and specialized market. After a lot of research, we chose Gregory Kovsky of IBA because of his professional appraisal, demeanor, experience, and calm and courteous personality. We really did not realize the full importance of our choice of broker until he got to work on the sale. Within a week or two he had found several potential buyers who made serious offers. He helped us decide which offer to pursue and over the next several months guided us through the enormous “Due Diligence” process, sale agreement negotiations, and escrow to a successful conclusion. The bottom line is that when we started the process, we had no idea how complex the sale would be or how crucial all your human and professional strengths would become to our success.


    David Shinder & Rose Dembo

    D.B.A. Euroimport Company


    My everlasting thanks to Greg for guiding and helping me navigate the process of and successfully selling my business. Referred to me by a friend-of-a-friend I had no prior experience selling a business when I met Greg. At the outset his disciplined approach to establishing a range of values for my business produced a price higher than what I would’ve thought possible. Then within a matter of a couple of months he brought several interested parties to the table; again, surpassing my expectations. But Greg’s contribution to my eventual and successful sale was far more than simply putting a value on it and lining up prospective buyers. Indeed with hindsight, that was easy part.

    Thereafter, acting as intermediary between all the parties involved (buyers, seller, attorneys, CPA’s, brokers, spouses and others) Greg’s patience, excellent listening and communications skills, emphasis on transparency, and commitment to achieving a mutually beneficial sale (for seller and buyer) made the process and the likelihood of a successful sale far superior to what I could’ve achieved on my own. And, throughout, Greg always put my interests ahead of his own to his credit and honor.

    I cannot thank Greg enough or recommend him more highly to anyone seeking to sell or buy their business.


    David Price

    CPC Equipment, Inc.