Sell Your Cannabis Business

IBA, the Pacific Northwest’s premier business brokerage / commercial real estate firm, has successfully represented business owners in the sale of privately held companies and family businesses since 1975 with knowledge, experience, skill, and professionalism while not seeking payment for our services until the project is successfully completed.

IBA professionals serving the cannabis industry have already gained leading edge, industry specific knowledge and experience through participation as deal facilitators in numerous transactions in Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Colorado. Current and previous projects have included outside and indoor growing operations, processors creating a spectrum of products from extracts to joints to edibles, retail shops or dispensaries, and affiliated business models from testing labs to hydroponic irrigation and lighting suppliers.

100% of IBA’s fees are paid on performance at the completion of a transaction.

Director of IBA's Cannabis Transaction Division

IBA Cannabis Services

Since 1975, IBA has supported entrepreneurs as a full service mergers and acquisition brokerage firm focusing on the sell side representation of privately held companies and family businesses. We represent the business owner’s best interest using confidential and established best practices as their listing broker for the business and real estate, if applicable. Each member of the IBA intermediary team has one or more real estate licenses.

We provide a full spectrum of business intermediary services including company and real estate valuation, marketplace creation, buyer cultivation and development, and deal negotiation & facilitation. As sell side intermediaries, we successfully navigate the sale to close and avoid common points of deal failure utilizing market leading knowledge, experience, and skill. Our Cannabis team understands the nuances of the cannabis industry from 280E to the growing and distribution processes to the limited financing options. IBA is a member of the Washington Cannabis Business Association and works closely with the Liquor and Cannabis Boards in multiple states. Our team has a Rolodex of alternative financing sources to help minimize seller financing exposure and to help prospective buyers access acquisition capital. Further, our database of interested buyers for producers, processors, retailers and trade partners is among the largest of M&A firms serving the cannabis industry.

The benefits to ownership of an experienced, knowledgeable, highly skilled business broker are well documented.

For more information, contact Seth Rudin, IBA’s Director of its Cannabis Industry Transaction Division. Mr. Rudin who can be reached at 425-454-3052 and via e-mail at He welcomes the opportunity to be a resource and answer questions about M&A activity in the marijuana industry.

This cannabis marketplace is in transformation and will often produce entrepreneurial decision points requiring business owners to select from a menu of management & investment choices ranging from additional investment and business model modification to business sale and acquisition. IBA, as the premier business brokerage firm in the Pacific Northwest in terms of knowledge, experience, and professional skill, is uniquely positioned to serve as a resource to cannabis / marijuana industry entrepreneurs based on our transactional experience involving new & evolving marketplaces and our knowledge and experience working with similar license transition requirements for wineries, distilleries, and other manufacturing, agricultural, and hospitality industry companies.

For more information, you can contact IBA’s Director of Cannabis Transaction Division – Mr. Seth Rudin who can be reached at 425-454-3052 and via e-mail at