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This series is for anyone wanting to monetize their business and either sell or create liquidity, led by the President of IBA (a firm that has completed over 4,200 business transactions), the CEO of Heritage Wealth (the Forbes #2 ranked wealth management firm in WA), and the SVP of Heritage Bank (a community bank and SBA lender with over 90 years of experience). We will share top strategies for maximizing the eventual sale price of your business and minimizing the taxes due, with case studies of companies that have worked through very successful exits. Even if you’re not planning to sell in the next several years, we’ll be covering techniques that in some cases need to be executed years in advance, so that when you do eventually sell, you have more control of the ultimate outcome.

Part 2 - Selling my business and keeping the taxes as low as possible

Part 2 will cover:

Selling a business impacts ownership, employees, customers, and suppliers. Learn how to sell your business in a confidential manner where the sale is not known in the public domain, until you are ready, employing best practices we have applied in working with thousands of business owners over the years. Learn how a team of knowledgeable, experienced, and highly skilled professional advisors can build a process to mitigate taxes and other undue turbulence. We will cover:

  • The mechanics of the deal
  • How do we create a marketplace to get the highest price, and keep the process confidential
  • How to treat the PPP in a sale
  • Building the advisory team (M&A advisory, business attorney, tax attorney, wealth management, etc)
  • More thorough review and case studies of tax strategies (ESOPs, tax-free reorgs, Section 1202 Qualified Small Business Stock, Code 453a, Opportunity Zones, Dynasty Trusts, and Delaware Spendthrift Trusts)

If you missed the first webinar in the series, an audio recording of the session is available for review here:

Date: Wednesday May 5th  Time: 12pm

Location: This is an online event.

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