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The Pacific Northwest region has a resident population of over 15 million individuals. A large segment of this population drives their own or company vehicles for employment, education, or leisure activities on a daily basis. This population in motion requires a large economy of repair facilities, retail & service businesses, and wholesale companies serving the transportation niche. IBA, a trusted intermediary in business sales and acquisitions in the Pacific Northwest for over 45 years, in recognition of the need for professional representation has experienced brokers on staff that understand the unique characteristics of this segment of the economy with the knowledge & skill to address industry specific issues including environmental successor liability, insurance payment protocols & procedures, and vendor & supplier contracts.

Past transactions negotiated by IBA in the transportation (Auto Repair) niche include quick lube businesses (Rock Creek Tune & Lube) general auto repair facilities including Issaquah Auto Tech, Summer Automative, and Above & Beyond Auto Care, specialized auto repair facilities (Fat City German Auto Repair), commercial auto repair (King’s Fleet Service), auto body shops (Aurora Auto Center), towing businesses (Liberty Towing), service companies (Fleet Glass Repair), and wholesale & distribution companies (CAMCAL & Mobile Equipment Systems).

Seattle was commonly referred to as “Jet City” starting in the 1950’s as The Boeing Aircraft Company emerged as one of the dominant airplane manufacturing companies in the world.   The presence of Boeing spawned a large number of manufacturing, wholesale (distribution), and service businesses supporting the company and the aerospace industry in general. These companies remain a key component of the Puget Sound economy from Auburn to Marysville and mergers & acquisitions activity occurs regularly involving these companies. IBA has experienced professionals on staff that understand the unique composition & competitive landscape of the aerospace industry that can successfully facilitate mergers & sales in this space.

Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding the representation we provide our clients or if you would like to schedule a time to meet with an IBA professional with experience in the sale of a transportation (auto repair) business.

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