Right to Repair Legislation – Good for Consumers & Small Business

Jun 7, 2022

Most people have a family member or friend with the mechanical aptitude and problem-solving ability to repair virtually anything. In my life, that individual was RJ Hauser.  RJ, a locksmith by profession, who would buy cars at impoundment auctions, repair them, and sell them for an excellent return on his investment and time as a “side hustle” was always a quick call whenever mechanical trouble developed from a lawnmower to a vehicle.  I still fondly remember an evening spent under my Dodge truck where he taught me how to replace a timing belt and starter after a run to the local NAPA Auto Parts managed by a mutual friend, Shell Sloan.  One of his legacies in my life is an affinity for Mopar trucks.  Unfortunately, RJ left my life prematurely with complications resulting from being delivered into the world with a faulty fluid system as a hemophiliac.  He is deeply missed on multiple levels.

A current debate in the manufacturing world is over the legislative push for Right to Repair laws.  A Right to Repair Law is an effort by government as a result of citizen advocacy (LOVE IT WHEN “WE THE PEOPLE” FORCE CHANGE) to reverse a trend that has been going on for decades where manufacturing companies used proprietary parts installed using company specific equipment employing secret processes not accessible to the public.  This financially rewarding business strategy has dual benefits for manufacturers in it allows them to become a sole source provider of service & repair and also create a planned obsolescence calendar for when they would stop supporting a product. It also prevents individuals and independent repair businesses from working on products.  The following article provides a good overview on the subject:  https://www.howtogeek.com/339925/what-are-%E2%80%9Cright-to-repair%E2%80%9D-laws-and-what-do-they-mean-for-you/. The good news is that government is starting to work to protect consumers at a state level and restore what should be a protected right, the right to repair your property or seek repairs from the party of your selection.  Just last week, New York passed a Right to Repair law through its state legislature for electronic devices (https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2022/06/ny-passes-right-to-repair-will-require-tech-oems-to-share-tools-diagnostic-info/).  It is my hope that similar to 1984 when New York passed the first seatbelt law (https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/business/1984/07/13/ny-is-first-state-to-get-seat-belt-law/b86fd522-bb32-4286-980a-caefdb3edfa5/) the legislation will be emulated around the nation. I encourage everyone to reach out and support Right to Repair legislation in their own state.  The following are links to advocacy groups working on the issue in Washington ( https://states.repair.org/states/washington/#:~:text=This%20year%2C%20the%20people%20of,personal%20electronic%20devices%2C%20HB%201810), Oregon (https://states.repair.org/states/oregon/), Idaho (https://states.repair.org/states/idaho/), and Alaska (https://states.repair.org/states/alaska/).

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