Dec 12, 2018



ORLANDO, FL  (November 30, 2018) – The Franchise Brokers Association (FBA) announced today that Curt Maier, IBA Vice President of Business Development, has earned the designation CFB – Certified Franchise Broker.   This designation comes as a result of the completion of a comprehensive certified training course that is dedicated specifically to the franchise and business opportunity brokering, consulting, and recruitment industry.  This CFB program has created a considerable competitive advantage when comparing a CFB consultant to a non-CFB consultant, by significantly increasing the knowledge base, professionalism and quality of consulting provided to a client.  Mr. Maier has received a well-rounded franchise education encompassing ethics, FTC sales compliance, understanding of in-depth due diligence and franchise research, understanding of the psychology of a franchise sale, the basics of franchise acquisition funding, and many other sophisticated and nuanced issues related to franchises.

Commenting on Mr. Maier’s participation in the FBA and his newest credential, IBA President Gregory Kovsky stated “Curt Maier’s designation as a CFB and ongoing participation in the FBA enables him to enhance his already superior service to his clients.  The FBA is an outstanding organization which allows franchise brokers to showcase their franchise opportunities and business listings and services, including the sale of operating franchises and businesses, to a broad number of potential buyers and franchisee candidates.

Sabrina Wall, FBA’s Founder and CEO, congratulated Mr. Maier on this achievement and noted “The addition of Curt as a member of a select group of our senior franchise consultants who have completed the demanding requirements of our industry-leading CFB program is an example of the high quality, passionate franchise and business brokerage professionals the FBA is proud to have in our membership.  We look forward continuing our long and mutually beneficial relationship in serving the Pacific Northwest business community and clients Curt and IBA work with across the country and world.” 

About the Franchise Brokers Association

The Franchise Brokers Association (FBA) was founded in 2008 and is an association of members who do everything franchising.  Members share a philosophy of ongoing communication and cooperation and enjoy this close community, mastermind calls and collaboration between brokers and franchisors.  Members enjoy the many superior tools & resources to help educate prospective business owners and save them countless hours throughout their research process.

About the International Business Associates

International Business Associates (IBA) is a 43-year-old business brokerage firm which sells privately held companies and family owned businesses with values ranging from $500,000 to $20,000,000. IBA has completed 4000+ transactions in industries ranging from retail to manufacturing, technology to service, and professional practices to education. Clients receive confidential representation by mergers & acquisitions professionals with the knowledge, experience, & professional skill set required to complete a business sale for the maximum possible market value while employing best practices. All IBA professionals hold real estate broker licenses for one or more geographic areas served by the firm.

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