Aug 29, 2023

The ambiance of a business meeting dramatically changes when fresh baked goods and coffee are present.  Simple, but wonderful pleasures.  In some cases by design and others by happenstance, IBA’s four offices in the Pacific Northwest all have bakeries in close proximity to bring products in for meetings in our conference rooms when the discussion needs to be confidential or to hold offsite conversations among ourselves, with clients, or collaborative partners.   Farine ( is a favorite at our corporate headquarters in Bellevue, The Sparrow ( where Bend office Director of Operations, Brecht Palombo’s, daughter has worked is the choice in the high desert.  Portland meetings often feature Voodoo Doughnuts ( whose flagship store is near our office while Rockwood Bakery remains a team favorite in Spokane (

IBA is a willing & able consumer of baked goods.  Guilty as charged.  As the oldest business brokerage firm in the Pacific Northwest, we are also a recognized market leader in the ability to properly value and facilitate the sale of retail & commercial bakeries in Washington & Oregon.  As a firm, led by IBA’s Director of its Hospitality Division, Oliver Kotelnikov, who previously owned a multiple location retail & commercial bakery business, we believe that this food service manufacturing niche is substantially protected due to the perishable nature of the product and the need to maintain high quality from overseas and publicly traded corporate competition.  Something that is not true for many manufacturing spaces.   In addition, based on the low cost of goods and relatively easy scalability, bakeries offer a profitable, localized business opportunity for entrepreneurs that has resulted in past IBA sales for six & seven figures for clients.  Even the Wall Street Journal recently identified how entrepreneurs using the basic, business principle of controlling supply to enhance demand were thriving as bakery owners (

IBA has successfully sold bakeries in small towns in rural locations like Twisp (Frequently including real estate.) and large operations that provided craft, fresh culinary products to large customers like the grocery store chain Metropolitan Market and fine dining restaurants such as the Space Needle as wholesale providers.  Currently, we are working on bakery sale projects in a spectrum of Pacific Northwest counties. The marketplace for these types of businesses is robust.  If you are interested in selling to retire or for a change in career direction, the members of IBA’s transaction team focused on bakeries and food manufacturing sector business sales would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and provide an overview of our services.  IBA does not charge a penny for our services until project completion. We do accept samples for the office and family members from this special clientele.  Equally, if you would like to learn about why owning a bakery can be a rewarding activity on multiple levels, we are happy to share our knowledge & experience with the industry and introduce you to SBA bankers interested in supporting your acquisition with as little as a 10% capital injection of your own money.

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