How to Hire Your A-Team for Selling a Business or as an Entrepreneur

Nov 15, 2016

IBA, as the premier business brokerage firm in the Pacific Northwest, is firmly established as a respected professional service firm in the legal, accounting, banking, mergers & acquisitions, real estate, and financial planning communities.  Periodically, we will post guest blogs from professionals with knowledge to share for the good of owners of privately held companies & family owned businesses.  The following blog has been provided by Lauren Owen of Lauren Owen Consulting (

How to Hire Your A-Team for Selling a Business or as an Entrepreneur

“Ok,” my client said, “I get it, the only way I’m going to get where I want to go with this company is by having only A-level people on my team. But where do I find them?”

Here’s how my clients find their A-Team members. They:

  • Get referrals from their current A-Team members. Most likely your A-Team folks know other A-level people. Remember, your A-Team members want to work with other A-level people so it’s to their benefit to find the best potential candidates.
  • Are constantly on the look-out for high potential people: their networking is as much about finding good people as it is about finding good opportunities for their business.
  • Compete in their community’s Top Places to Work award programs (and usually win). They promote their status as such to clients, vendors, and potential team members.
  • Are clear about what makes an A-Team member. They design their hiring process around determining if potential hires have these same qualities.
  • Are sure to share their vision story with potential hires (and everyone else for that matter). A-players want to work with leaders who have an exciting vision.
  • Never hire anyone they aren’t very, very excited about. As one client told me, “If we aren’t doing back flips over a potential hire, we don’t make the offer.”
  • Are not afraid to steal great people from their competitors.
  • Hire as much (or maybe more) for culture fit as skills.
  • Are not afraid to pay top dollar for an A-level person. Remember, a true A-level person will give you a great return on your investment.
  • Find talent from within. They are always looking for and developing the “diamonds in the rough”.

How will you attract your A-Team members?

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