Education Entrepreneurs Needed

Aug 3, 2021

My respect and admiration for the health services professions is at an all-time high in my life.  It is  impossible for me to express stronger or louder my appreciation for what the doctors; nurses; scientists; pharmaceutical researchers, developers, and manufacturers; and all the support people from janitorial to hospital administration have done to rise to the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic in a period of national emergency.  Thank you.

As the pandemic recedes in terms of its fatality rate with increased herd immunity through vaccinations and the natural benefits of recovering from exposure to the virus, (, a new national call to service and action is emerging.  The call is for the education sector to rise to the challenge of mitigating the damage to America’s children in terms of intellectual, social, and physical development that occurred during the last eighteen months when youth that should have been learning in dynamic environments employing “best practices” were forced to engage virtually in less than optimal learning conditions.

A significant majority of this call for action will fall on our public school systems and teachers.  As the son of a career elementary education, resource room teacher with a specialty of dyslexia and nephew of an Uncle & Aunt who were elementary and high school principals, I know first hand the effort, love, and skill brought daily to work by these noble warriors creating opportunities for achievement and personal fulfillment for future generations.

However, the call to action and opportunity is not limited to teachers in our public school systems, but also available to entrepreneurs and those with a desire to serve and help create a better tomorrow for the nation’s youth.  IBA has a long history of successfully serving the education sector as a business brokerage firm in Washington & Oregon.   We have sold private schools, vocational schools, preschools, daycares, secondary language development programs, tutoring services, motor coordination & athletic development programs, and art schools. We also have the ability to sell new franchises in the education sector to entrepreneurs who want to bring a program to a new community.

If you have successfully weathered the COVID-19 storm as an education sector entrepreneur and would like to start to strategically plan for a transition of ownership out of desire to bring someone in with fresh energy and ideas, we would welcome the opportunity to provide an overview of our services.  We have the ability to represent both for profit and non-profit entities for sale and projects that are in leased facilities or own their real estate and want to sell the school & real estate in one package to a buyer.  We are currently finalizing a sale before the start of the new academic year of a non-profit entity and real estate, possessing the knowledge, experience, and skill to facilitate a sophisticated transaction of that nature in an environment of confidentiality employing best practices mitigating negative impact on students, teachers, and the community of this retirement motivated transaction.

We also welcome the opportunity to discuss acquisition and entrepreneurial opportunities with individuals wishing to combine financial renumeration with a desire to help and service.  After all, as Whitney Houston famously sang, “I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way”.  Don’t hesitate to do your part to make the world a better place moving forward.  Great opportunities exist for entrepreneurs, employees, and volunteers in education.

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